ICONRADIUS Software with end-to-end ISP solution of Billing, AAA and Customer Ticketing, which include the Customer, Franchise and reseller management.

ICONRADIUS has been developed to address the core business needs of ISP's. Its branded and very user friendly software. Our application performance gives high enrich experience to the users.

Radius & AAA

Key Features

  • RADIUS and account support
  • Traffic accounting (RADIUS)
  • Packages Managment along with Sub packages
  • Static IP,DHCP,Ip Pool (Support IPV4 & IPV6)
  • Multi Trusted MAC Allowed
  • Multi NAS Support (Mikrotik,CISCO,Juniper,Huwai etc..)
  • COA Integrated

Billing & CRM

Key Features

  • Reseller Management (BULK, Revenue Sharing,Sub ISP)
  • Branch Management
  • Subscriber Management (Regular,Leased line)
  • Customized Dashboards with Rich Graphs and Text Reports
  • Admin Users along with Customized Roles & Privileges
  • Node,Pop,Switch Management
  • Area,Colony,Building Management
  • FUP Data Topup
  • Complaints Management (Complete Workflow)
  • Leads Management (Complete Workflow)
  • Mass Outage Management (Complete Workflow)
  • Package Offers Management
  • Renewal Reports
  • Invoice Reports
  • Service Tax,AGR Reports
  • Audit Reports
  • Documents Upload (CAF,Address Proof,Identity Proof etc..)
  • Multiple SMS Gateway Integration
  • Multiple Payment Gateway Integration
  • Customized User Self Care Portal
  • Customized Employee Collection Mobile APP
  • Customized User Mobile APP